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Key Organization

Manage access to your office keys with these key organization solutions. Color-coded key racks and slotted fobs let your employees easily access and store keys they need, while you can restrict access to more essential keys with safes and lock boxes from Master Lock, FireKing and more. Use retractable clips and carabiner fobs to keep keys secure while on the go.

Key Fobs for Any Application

Use colorful label tags to describe and organize your keys securely so your employees never accidentally grab the wrong one. An easy-to-hang color-coded rack stores communal keys in an attractive and practical way, and key tags with replaceable labels let you reuse the same tags as your needs change. If you're in urgent need of replacement key tabs, use Staples' easy store pickup option to order online and get it the same day.

Secure Storage Options

Keep your important keys safe with secure lock boxes. Fireproof safes ensure that essential keys aren't damaged in case of an accident. Choose a safe that opens with a code so you can share it with other high-level employees, or use a lock box and keep the key yourself to provide more restricted access. Take advantage of Staples' price-match guarantee to make sure you're getting the best deal. Opt for a smaller, portable box if you need your keys on the go, or choose a dropbox-style box to let your workers turn in keys after hours. If you're unhappy with what you order, use Staples' simple online returns to fix the problem.

Reward Your Employees

Key fobs don't always have to be practical. Reward high-achieving employees with a fun, decorative key fob that matches their personality, such as a golf repair one. Offer sparkly decorative fobs as a raffle prize during employee picnics, or order bulk whistle or detachable fobs as a party favor. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $45 before tax to save money on these larger deliveries.