Hangers, Racks & Shelving

Utilize fixtures, racks, and merchandisers to add additional storage space in your store. Merchandisers, fixtures and racks come in many different styles and are great for keeping retail stores organized.

Adjustable Height
Most racks are height adjustable to accommodate all types of merchandise. The rack can be made taller for long coats and jackets, or shorter for children's clothing. Handbag displays are also adjustable to showcase the merchandise at a sufficient height. Adjust the height of your racks, fixtures and merchandisers to suit your store's needs and create the ambiance you need to sell merchandise.

Collapse your fixture rack, or merchandiser when you are not using it to give yourself extra room. It is not always easy to disassemble racks and merchandisers. Stock and receiving areas in stores can get crowded, so racks and merchandisers that are collapsible provide less stress and an easy way to store a large item.

Easy Assembly
Follow the instructions given for easy and quick assembly. Focus more of your time on selling merchandise and focus less time on setting up when you choose fixtures and racks that are easy to assemble. The amount of time it takes for assembly depends on the type of rack or merchandiser you select.

Durability Fixtures, racks, and merchandisers are durable and sturdy and prevent merchandise from falling on the ground. Shop owners lose money when they break or spill merchandise. Merchandisers are durable and can withstand the traffic in busy retail stores. Easily change your store layout with merchandisers, fixtures and racks on wheels. Quickly move racks and rearrange your store in a short amount of time.