Garden & Patio

Enjoy the outdoors with garden and patio items that help make your deck, yard or patio more inviting. Whether you need tools to plant seeds for a new garden, patio furniture to decorate your deck or equipment to keep your manicured landscape looking the way you want, this selection provides you with access to items from reliable manufacturers such as Aurora Tools, CorLiving and Garant.

Maintain Your Yard
From leaf blowers to rakes, lawn and garden equipment can help keep your garden and patio areas looking great. Salt bins and snow blowers mitigate the impact of harsh winter weather on your backyard experiences, and chippers let you quickly rid your yard of unwanted branches and stumps. Complete regular maintenance quickly and efficiently with tools such as loppers and hoes, and install a compost bin in your backyard to create a sustainable system for reducing household waste.

Enjoy Outdoor Decor
Garden and patio furniture turns your yard, patio or deck into an entertainment or relaxation space. Outdoor dining sets and weather-resistant seating options invite guests to stay a while, and an outdoor swing adds extra fun to your deck. Patio umbrellas protect visitors from harsh sunlight or unexpected showers, while outdoor heaters and fire pits let you extend backyard adventures into the cooler months of the year.

Grow Something Green
Living things need love, so pamper your seedlings with plant sensors and portable greenhouses that help you grow everything from flowers to vegetables. Protect bushes with shrub covers and keep a garden hose on hand to ensure efficient watering. Stock up on wheelbarrows, pruning shears and garden sprayers to make filling your yard with green growing things easy and enhance the ambiance of your garden and patio areas.