Dress Forms & Mannequins

Dress forms or mannequins are essential for any clothing business that wants to display creations and find the right fit. Choose from specialized dress forms that fit a specific individuals or a standardized dress form that fits a certain size. Use mannequins for a more realistic idea of what your clothing looks like on an individual. Mannequins also aid artists in drawing figures that can be put in a variety of poses.

Display Clothing
Show off your clothing like the pros, and gain an edge on your competition by using mannequins. Different types of mannequins fulfill different duties, so choose a headless mannequin to emphasize the chest and pants. Opt for a mannequin with a head or a standalone head to show off hats and sunglasses. Choose from blank or skin-colored mannequins to find the one that complements your clothing.

Tailor Clothing to Perfection
Different types of dress forms allow you to make clothing that can fit any individual. Choose from standard options that include the form of a boy, child, man and woman, or select from specialized forms for maternity clothing. These forms are available with either a hanger, stand or wheeled stand. Dress forms also offer a safe alternative to cutting and altering fabric on a live model. Additionally, they provide more accurate measurements compared to live models thanks to their solid surface.

Enhance Artwork
Artists have been using mannequins for centuries to draw the human form. Mannequins also offer an advantage over human model, since they can remain posed for an indefinite amount of time while wearing your desired clothing.