Door Hardware

Utilize door accessories as the gatekeeper of the building's entrance. Prop the door open to let fresh air and guests inside with a door prop on a warm day, or give guests a way to announce themselves with a wireless doorbell when the door is closed. Secure the door with a smart door lock to keep contents inside the building safe while keeping unwanted guests at bay.

Wireless Door Bells and Announcers
Use a wireless door bell or door announcer for guests to announce their arrival. The wireless capabilities of these door accessories make it easy to place them in a spot that is convenient for you, while the sound casts a clear alert to notify you of a visitor. Be sure not to miss a customer with these door accessories that are designed to project over large areas for people who are hard of hearing.

Durable Door Stops
Heavy-duty and lightweight door stops from the door accessories collection allow you to keep any variety of door open with peace of mind. Non-slip grips and large heels allow you to prop even the heaviest of doors with a high clearance without worry of the door closing. Use these to keep a door open while moving things in and out of the building, provide a warm and open welcome to visitors, or let in a fresh breeze.

Keyless Entry
Grant access to welcome visitors or workers while keeping intruders out with a smart door lock. Smart door locks provide an excellent theft deterrent and peace of mind because they are not easy to lock pick. These door accessories offer high-tech options for keyless entry, such as fingerprint, Bluetooth or digital code access. Change the code or reprogram the door lock at any time to avoid having to re-key the door.