Dinnerware and Drinkware

Keep a well-stocked supply of dinnerware and drinkware from trusted brands such as Legnoart and Govino so you can confidently serve scrumptious oils ready to drizzle and champagne ready to bubble. Classic white tableware accentuates nearly any dining situation, while etched porcelain and bone china offer desirable options for upscale establishments and formal family meals. Tuck stainless steel cutlery into a folded napkin and add a silver-plated candelabra to create an atmosphere worth remembering.

Elegant Delivery
Tableware features elegant and impressive designs and can accentuate the colours of a room or the fragrance of a meal. Some dinnerware and drinkware options have additional attributes such as engraved detailing that make ideal companions to formal serving sets or offer a simple appearance for understated style.

Dinnerware frequently serves many purposes simultaneously. Steak knives and bread knives both function to cut rolls and biscuits, while adding a simple divider transforms a single-use storage container into a vessel for securely holding glasses, mugs and drinking pitchers together with minimal impact damage. Ensure you're prepared for any dining situation whether it be guests who arrive for dinner unexpectedly or a lunchtime rush that's eager for food immediately.

Made with high-quality materials designed for repetitive use, most dinnerware and drinkware offered is microwave and dishwasher safe. Whether a waitress accidentally drops a pitcher or a guest's fork pings against a plate too hard, the right servingware ensures peace of mind. Most contemporary dinnerware is made from durable acrylic that doesn't break or shatter easily. Enjoy the best of both worlds with everlasting functionality and sturdiness without sacrificing stylish clarity and beauty.

Convenient Care
The same materials that ensure durability also bring simplified care and cleanup. Wipe away messes quickly and sanitize easily.