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Clothing Hangers

Create an attractive display of your apparel goods with a variety of clothing hangers. Choose plastic hangers with push-clips for exhibiting pants, skirts and other bottom garments, or select standard hangers for displaying shirts and tops. Hang suits and skirts from specialty hangers, and organize your inventory with a number of helpful accessories.

Flexible Display Options
Choose from several types of clothing hangers in different lengths to find the best fit for the clothing you want to display. Plastic bottom hangers feature metal push-clips that securely grip fabric, and they come with either fixed plastic hooks or metal swivel hooks to allow you to select the best fit for your display environment. Top hangers accommodate either adult or children's size tops.

Specialty Use
Display skirts, dresses and suits with heavyweight clothing hangers designed to display clothing ensembles. Sliding metal hooks on a wire bar hold the bottom piece and adjust to accommodate a variety of clothing sizes, and the top can be draped over the hanger to provide an attractive display for suits and coordinated outfits. The chrome wire swivel hooks allow for easy hanging and retrieval.

Helpful Accessories
Organize merchandise by size with adhesive dots that attach to the clothing hangers or with plastic size markers that fit over the hook. A hanger stacker keeps hangers organized and ready for use. Display lightweight garments that might be damaged by clips with adhesive foam strips that grip the fabric and prevent the garment from falling off the hanger. A garment retriever allows you to take advantage of display space that is hard to reach by making it easy to retrieve and replace merchandise.