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Improve your vocabulary with the use of dictionaries from Collins and Merriam-Webster. You will find a wide range of dictionaries in languages from American, British, and Canadian English to French, German, and Spanish. Select dictionaries specifically for children that include pictures that go along with each word to help them with bilingual classwork or just learn a new language.

Improve Your Vocabulary
Dictionaries allow you to discover the meanings of unknown words you read in books or newspapers and also help you improve your vocabulary by providing alternate meanings to commonly used words. Choose Oxford editions that include the most common meaning first and alternate definitions after to improve your word usage. Select volumes that also include a thesaurus to discover frequently used synonyms and antonyms of each word.

Learn a New Language
Whether you're learning a new language or you're already bilingual, dictionaries help you improve your word usage in languages that are less familiar or unfamiliar to your native tongue. Select foreign language dictionaries specifically for beginners that are designed to support learning. Choose electronic dictionaries that not only give you access to the meanings behind words but also pronounce words for you so that you can learn to speak more naturally in that language.

Simple Referencing
In addition to dictionaries that provide meanings and usage, you can also find reference volumes that help you conjugate verbs in other languages as well as discover synonyms and antonyms. Children's dictionaries allow for pictorial learning of both English words and foreign words, making it easy for kids to pick up a new language. Find dictionaries that denote the difference in words when used in American, British, and Canadian English to help you when preparing academic papers or business proposals.