Rearrange your office furniture easily or create a mobile media station with these sturdy rolling casters. They come individually and in convenient packs, so you can order as many as you need. Whether you're designing a rolling conference table or creating a rolling computer cart, you can choose from a variety of wheel types, including nylon and polyolefin.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Each of these casters is constructed from strong, high-quality materials, so they can support large loads without collapsing. For heavy-weight equipment, choose solid wheels for consistent smooth moving. Zinc-coated base plates resist corrosion in tough warehouse conditions or outdoor areas.

Smooth Movement
Move your furniture easily on these casters, which are engineered for smooth and uninhibited movement. Some models mimic the movements of pneumatic wheels for a gentle ride. For a maximum range of motion, opt for a model with a 360-degree spin. Many options are designed to roll without making noise, so you can rearrange your equipment or furniture without disrupting the office atmosphere.

Sturdy Installation
Each of these casters comes with heavy-duty mounting plates that enable a stable installation. The plates attach to the bottom of your furniture or equipment with screws, so they stay tightly in place during use.

Floor-Safe Design
Many of these casters are crafted with non-marking wheels that roll without leaving marks or discolouration, making them ideal options for rented office spaces. For general-purpose use, choose a model with polyurethane wheels that are safe for hard flooring and carpet. If you are moving items over rough surfaces, opt for solid wheels with textured treads.