Back End Kitchen Supplies

Stock your work pantry with essentials for lunches with these back end kitchen supplies. Get disposable tableware for serving potluck dishes and utensils and tools for cooking.

Work kitchens don't have to be sparse when you keep back end kitchen supplies on hand. Choose from a wide variety of disposable tableware, including cups and napkins, which are also great for cleaning up spills. Get items quickly by buying online and picking up in the store.

Disposable Tableware

Traditional porcelain cups and plates can break, causing a hazard in the kitchen for your employees. Choosing disposable tableware not only eliminates this risk, it also makes cleanup a breeze. From cups and plates to straws and disposable cutlery, there is a wide selection of back end kitchen supplies available in large and small quantities to suit the size of your workplace. With free shipping for orders over $45 before tax, you can afford to stock up.

Tools and Utensils

Work lunches don't have to be limited to takeout food. If you stock the kitchen with back end kitchen supplies such as cooking tools and utensils, then employees might be encouraged to cook and share a meal. This can foster bonds that pay off in increased productivity and teamwork. Choose from simple items such as knives and cutting boards to more complex ones like kitchen scales and colanders. You don't even have to splurge, since you're getting the lowest price with Staples' price match guarantee.

Spices and Seasonings

Nobody likes bland or boring food, which is why one of the key back end kitchen supplies on your list should be spices and seasonings. Whether employees bring food from home or order takeout, it is always good to have some extra seasonings on hand to keep their palettes happy. You don't even have to leave the office if you buy online, and Staples' free online returns give you peace of mind.