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Yoga mats cushion your body from hard floors as you exercise and meditate. You will find a large selection of yoga mats that vary by size, thickness, colour, and price. Lightweight yoga mats are an excellent choice for travelers because they are easy to transport. They can also be laid over other mats to provide more padding. Thicker yoga mats, while heavier and less portable, provide more cushioning and are ideal for locations such as homes and offices where they do not need to be moved.

Yoga mats are made with a blend of natural fibers and rubber. This combination of materials provides a textured surface for improved traction and a nonslip base for solid anchoring on different floors. The material also absorbs sweat, which helps prevent the mat surface becoming slippery.

Yoga emphasizes reverence for the environment. This makes it all the more fitting that these yoga mats are crafted using natural materials and biodegradable synthetics.

Yoga mats provide protection for your body during meditation and exercise. Slim, easy-to-roll yoga mats are a good choice for travel and for taking to an exercise class at a fitness studio. They can also be used to layer over other mats during Vinyasa and Bikram yoga practice. Thick mats for padding floors in homes and offices are also available.

Yoga mats are available in a wide range of attractive hues. Available colours include brown, green, purple, blue, and maroon. Printed mats depicting various natured-themed imagery, artistic scenes and inspiration words and phrases are also available.

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Bios Pilates Express Mats
Item: SS3732747
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  • Protect your spine while you enjoy our signature Pilates Express Mat
  • Made of closed-cell foam construction, it will protect you from hard surfaces, while keeping you comfortable as you exercise
  • The integrated Velcro straps allow you to simply roll up the mat and go
As low as 76.49 $76.49
Multiple options available
AeroPilates Magic Circle
Item: 1917231 / Model : 05-0020R
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  • Includes the magic circle and dvd
  • Magic circle has a 14.75" diameter
  • Workout dvd has a run time of 23 minutes
37.49 $37.49
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Fitkicks Active Lifestyle Wrist Wallet
Item: SS6143595
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  • Stretch- fit design with top zipper
  • Water Resistant Lining
  • Holds Money, Id cards, Keys and more
As low as 14.29 $14.29
Multiple options available
Fitkicks Active Lifestyle Gripper Headband
Item: SS6143594
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  • Microgrippers hold hair in place without pulling or causing a headache
  • Active Fabric Absorbs sweat
  • Stifles unruly strands
As low as 14.49 $14.49
Multiple options available
Fitlite Active Lifestyle Lighted Neon Waist Pouch
Item: SS6143593
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  • Three flash modes fast blink, slow blink, constant on
  • Rechargeable USB port
  • Will last 2.5-3 hrs between charges
As low as 23.79 $23.79
Multiple options available