Winter Maintenance

Winter maintenance supplies let you stay one step ahead of weather changes, so your business or travel plans aren't interrupted. Equip your facilities or vehicles with tools for cleaning snow and reinforcing your property against unpredictable hazards. Whether you're winter-proofing schools, offices or commercial stores, ice- and snow-melting supplies help you complete tough cleanup jobs in no time to protect visitors from falls and keep business running as usual.

Manage Auto Emergencies
Plan ahead for road emergencies with winter maintenance supplies designed to keep your vehicle operating smoothly. Store emergency kits in private or business vehicles for convenient tire repair or oil changes, eliminating the need for costly towing. Avoid getting stranded in poor weather with portable starters or commercial chargers that keep car batteries energized and ready for travel.

Clear Away Snow
Don't let heavy snowfall prevent you from receiving customers or traveling to work Buy shovels for quick manual cleanup around homes, cars or small businesses, and equip vehicles with snow brushes for spot cleaning windows, tires and other areas where snow collects. Commercial snow blowers provide fast winter maintenance, making it easy to remove snow from business lots and clear safe pathways for visitors.

Eliminate Ground Hazards
Protect visitors and staff from potential accidents with winter maintenance supplies for melting snow. Keep a ready supply of ice melting agents to loosen tough snow and reduce slippery patches on roadways, driveways and sidewalks. Choose durable, well-sealed salt bins to store large quantities of ice melting agents at once, so you need fewer refills.