Wearable Technology

Provide employees with the latest wearable technology featuring compact, portable designs. Issue smartwatches for instant access to information and communication functions to keep the team connected. Health monitoring devices inspire a healthier workforce. Staples gives you the option to buy online and pick up in store, so outfitting your employees with wearable technology is fast and easy.


Wearable technology lets your employees stay connected with hands-free devices that don't interfere with productivity. Smartwatches allow employees to stay connected and access apps in the field without needing to take laptops or tablets along. Watches with Bluetooth technology let employees call the office via their cell phones. Talk an employee through a procedure or minimize distractions while driving with this hands-free calling option. If you change your mind about the selected technology, return it easily thanks to Staples’ free online returns policy.

Employee Tracking

Employees can't always check in immediately when they're working in the field, but wearable technology can help. Personal tracking devices let you see exactly where your employees are working to ensure their safety. This comes in handy when you have staff working in remote locations. Not only can you see the location from a computer or mobile device, many personal trackers have microphone and speaker systems to allow you to communicate with your employees. If the only tracking problem in your office is finding the company vehicle keys, opt for key finder tracking devices. With Staples’ free shipping option for orders over $45 before tax, you can stock up on trackers for all your employees and keys without high shipping costs.

Healthy Culture

Healthy employees miss fewer workdays and have the energy to work productively. Promote that healthy work culture by integrating health-based wearable technology. Fitness trackers encourage employees to get more steps in as they complete their tasks. Heart rate monitors give employees a discreet way to measure their heart rates and ensure that they stay on target. No matter how you encourage healthy behaviors in your employees, Staples’ price match guarantee ensures you get health technology at the best prices.