Tools & Hardware

Power up to get all your home improvement projects underway with drivers, drills and sanders that give you the control you need. Whether you need drill presses, smart door locks, rolls of nails or woodworking tools, you can find professional tools and hardware that provide you with precise control and ergonomic design.

Powerful Power Tools
Tools and hardware including power drills, sanders and grinders make your do-it-yourself and construction tasks a breeze. Choose cordless tools or drivers for greater flexibility. Drill presses use laser guides to give you complete control and precision, and orbital and straight-line sanders help you prepare wood surfaces of all types.

Functional Hand Tools
Choose an entire tool kit to put a wide array of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and hammers right at your disposal, or choose individual hand tools to meet your specialized needs. Find tools and hardware such as axes and hatchets to handle firewood and overgrowth, files and chisels for woodworking, pry bars and wrecking bars for demolition, and a wide variety of sockets and ratchets.

Helpful Work Accessories
Whether you need a step stool to give you greater access to overhead do-it-yourself work or a hand truck to move heavy items, you can find reliable tools and hardware to meet your needs. Flashlights and work lights come in handy when you're working in enclosed spaces, and automotive tools and accessories let you keep your vehicles in tip-top condition.

Hardware and Fasteners
Choose from a wide variety of nails, staples and other fasteners for your tools and hardware collection. Slip a coil of nails into your nail gun, and stock up on flooring staples, wire staples, and other types of fasteners. When you're installing new doors, select from smart door locks and doorbells to finish the job.