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Time Clocks and Recorders- Accurate Time Management

Time clocks and recorders take the guesswork out of employee attendance. Install a system from Pyramid, Acroprint, or another quality brand for accurate work-time tracking. Integrate a time-tracking system with your payroll software for easier payment processing.

ID Scanners
Time clocks and recorders that use ID badges instead of time cards produce highly accurate tracking without as high a risk of time card fraud. A badge that serves double duty as an identifier and time tracker saves money.

Time Card Auto-Punch
Choose from a variety of time clocks and recorders that use the traditional method of digitally recording time in and out on a time card. Select a model with auto-punch capabilities for fast, accurate time stamping.

Biometric Scanning
Stop employees from punching coworkers in and out. Consider installing a time recorder that uses a thumb scan to verify work attendance.