Test Instruments, Meters & Precision Tools

Capture accurate situational measurements with these test instruments, meters and precision tools. Each one features a purpose-driven design to ensure efficient, accurate testing. Select from a wide variety of testing tools, including temperature sensors, pH pens and laser distance meters.

Precise Measurements
Engineered with condition-specific components, these test instruments, meters and precision tools provide accurate measurements. Air velocity instruments use a combination of vanes and electric sensors to measure wind speed, while electronic testing tools employ sensitive test leads to determine precise voltage levels. Many tools offer digital decimal results so that you can get the right reading on the first try.

Intuitive Design
Take the hassle out of testing with test instruments, meters and precision tools that feature clearly labelled buttons and intuitive navigation. Many models use large, high-contrast screens for high visibility in all lighting conditions. Some tools, including coating thickness gauges, automatically detect the testing surface for a more precise reading.

Wide Testing Variety
Whether you work in an auto shop or at a contracting firm, you can find the test instruments, meters and precision tools that you need to get the job done. Use leak detectors to find holes in fuel lines, or set up the perfect speaker configuration with a sound meter. Tools such as humidity sensors and stroboscopes can be used indoors and outdoors for easy testing in any setting.

Convenient Accessories
Get the most from your test instruments, meters and precision tools with convenient accessories that add functionality and extend the product lifetime. Replacement charging cables ensure a steady stream of power, while calibration standards help your meters take accurate measurements.