Tassimo Brewers & T-Discs

Keep a variety of beverages for all occasions at the ready with the touch of a button using Tassimo T Discs. Tassimo brewers use barcode technology to scan each T-disc and precisely measure how much water to add, the temperature and even how long to brew each cup, so you can serve guests in style with no fuss and no muss. Choose from single-serve discs of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa from familiar brands such as Maxwell House or Gevalia for a convenient drink anyone can appreciate.

Barcode Technology
With innovative barcode technology, Tassimo T Discs simplify coffee brewing in a revolutionary way. Making a hot drink is easy with a T-Disc — the single-serve discs each have a barcode at the bottom, the brewer scans it and then delivers the perfect beverage. Whether for the home or office or gatherings large or small, single-serve Tassimo T Discs make life simple when it comes to serving coffee or other beverages.

Simplicity and Choice
The single disc servings, especially when held in a convenient T Disc holder, make it simple to keep a variety of beverages for any occasion in a simple and elegant way. Let everyone choose their favourite drink with ease and eliminate worries over which beverages to serve.

Premeasured Servings
Each premeasured Tassimo T Disc contains the precise amount of coffee grounds, tea leaves or cocoa needed to create an optimally brewed hot beverage. This eliminates the mess and hassle of measuring each ingredient for that perfect latte or decaffeinated mocha.

Multipurpose Designs
Choose from beverages by trusted coffee makers in these convenient single-serve Tassimo T Discs suitable for just about any occasion. Brew that perfect cup in a Tassimo home or professional-quality brewer for the perfect cup every time.