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Tassimo Brewers

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Replicate your favourite coffee shop beverage at home with ease using Tassimo brewers that take the guesswork out of the brewing process. These expertly designed yet easy-to-use machines automatically calculate the precise temperature, brew time, and amount of water needed, so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee faster and easier than ever before.

Push-Button Operation
Tassimo brewers start working immediately with the press of a button. The machines' sophisticated fully-automated system works by reading T DISCs, Tassimo's patented single-serve containers of precisely-measured coffee grounds. Once you add your T DISC, simply press the button on the machine, and let it do all the heavy lifting.

Bar Code Technology
Every T DISC comes with a bar code printed on the bottom. Once you insert your T DISC into the machine and press the start button, the machine immediately reads the bar code and determines how much water, brew time, and heat is needed to turn the grounds into a perfect cup of coffee. With the Tassimo brewer and T DISC working together, you never have to worry about botching your morning cup of joe again.

Tassimo brewers come with features to keep both the machine and the water clean. The T47 comes with an automatic cleaning and descaling feature to keep the machine sanitary between uses and prevent the flavors of one brew from spilling over into another. For the freshest tasting drinks, the T50 comes equipped with a built-in Mavea MAXTRA water filtration system that reduces limescale and chlorine in your water for a fresher, cleaner taste.

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Tassimo T12 Multi Beverage Maker, Single Cup Home Brewing System, Black, (TAS1252UC)
Item: 2313500 / Model : TAS1252UC
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  • Fully automatic one-button operation
  • Variable drink strength: fully automatic brew cycle can be interrupted or extended at any time
  • Immediately ready to brew drinks: virtually no cleaning and no taste transfer between different drinks
69.97 $69.97
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