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Tablets/eReaders: Lightweight, Portable Personal Computing
Choose from tablet and e-readers such as Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy, to stay productive, informed and entertained wherever you go. Tablets provide wireless connectivity for ready Internet access away from the office. E-readers let you take hundreds of your favorite books along with you to read anytime. Select from accessories to extend the functionality of your tablet with keyboards, styluses and docking stations.

Tuck an e-reader into your purse for business or light reading when you have to wait for an appointment. Pack a tablet in your carry-on bag to get work done during a flight. Tablets and e-readers are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes to fit easily into your bag or briefcase.

Use your tablet for both work and pleasure. Watch video content and movies when commuting on the subway or bus. Compose business emails, or send notes to family and friends from any location. Watch videos of your children when you are absent from important invents, and then give them your support through an impromptu voice chat session.

Productivity-Boosting Accessories
Add a tablet keyboard to your setup and increase your typing speed and easily handle complex data-entry tasks. Choose a docking station to access the information on your tablet through a standard computer interface with a full-size keyboard and mouse. Sleeves and cases add protection to your device and provide a nonslip surface for a better grip. Stands and easels make it easy to read or watch video in different positions.

Password and fingerprint protected devices keep your information secure. Choose your pass code strength to limit access to your device, and safeguard work and personal data from unauthorized access.

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