Store Operations

Take control of store operations, and help the whole office run like clockwork with items geared toward boosting efficiency and shaving minutes off every task. Set up organizers to keep track of must-have items you use every day, and use several heavy-duty shelves to store bulky objects you need less often. Improve the flow of traffic from the sales floor to the parking lot with a little bit of planning and a lot of crowd control equipment.

Organizational Aids

Keep keys, pass cards and other must-have items on a short leash by storing them inside a compact organizer unit. Choose simple wall-mounted boxes without a lock for keeping small items everybody in the store needs to get at, but hang up at least one locking organizer to keep valuables and irreplaceable items where you can control access.

Long-Term Storage Accessories

Move your clutter into the warehouse and then clean it up by installing heavy-duty industrial shelves along the walls and in the open spaces between. Create orderly aisles on an open floor plan with 6-foot-high shelves that can hold your store's surplus unsold goods, or make space to keep a variety of seasonal decorations ordered but out of the way between holidays.

Crowd Control Gear

Control the flow of foot traffic across your sales floor with stanchions and extendable ribbons. These crowd-control accessories help you plan the most efficient use of floor space by leading customers toward featured items and checkouts and away from restricted areas and slippery or hazardous patches on the floor.