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Solvents & Lubricants

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Keep a supply of solvents and lubricants in your storage closet for loosening hardware and greasing moving parts. A few drops of a lubricating oil keeps chair casters rolling smoothly and sliding doors opening effortlessly. Reduce the risk of rust developing on power tools by cleaning then with oil-based solvents after each use. If storage space is minimal, choose a multi-purpose oils that cleans, lubricates and prevents rust at the same time.

Routine Maintenance
Regular lubrication keeps machine parts moving smoothly for longer periods between repairs and part replacements. Spray pulleys, chains and gears as part of your routine maintenance program. Keeping a supply of solvents and lubricants close to your machinery makes it easy to apply them regularly.

Loosen Stuck Hardware
Penetrating solvents and lubricants have a thin consistency to work into the threads of hard-to-turn hardware, making it easier to remove. Apply an appropriate lubricant to hard-to-turn bolts, and increase your productivity by completing other tasks while it does its work. Easily remove the hardware after the lubricant loosens it up.

Prevent Rust
Apply solvents and lubricants to bicycles, gardening tools and fan blades to prevent rust buildup. The regular use of protective lubricants reduces the time needed for removing and cleaning corroded parts.

Easy to Use
Choose lubricating oils with drip spouts for precise application on wheel bearings. Solvents and lubricants with spray heads allow for quick application to larger surface areas or textured items, such as bicycle chains and industrial machinery. Penetrating lubricants with straw applicators make it easy to apply the oil directly onto screw threads with little mess.
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3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Oil
Item: 120730 / Model : WD01135
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  • Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust
  • 88.7 mL
3.99 $3.99
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