Sewing Supplies

Begin every sewing project, no matter how extensive, with the right sewing supplies. Dress forms help your clothing projects take shape, while pins keep fabric in place during the planning and fitting stages. Choose a professional-quality sewing machine to sew large or complicated projects, or pick precisely designed needles for a traditional approach to craftsmanship.

Improved Quality
The right sewing supplies help you create high-quality clothing, covers, accessories and other hand-crafted products. Sewing machines make it easier to produce consistently high-quality products without wearing out your hands and eyes with painstaking manual stitching. Dress forms also improve quality by letting you fit clothing projects to exact specifications and determine how the fabric falls.

Time Saving
A sewing machine saves time whether you're creating products on a large scale or only taking on the occasional project. Computerized machines offer fast performance and precision elements, while serger sewing machines create long-lasting stitches quickly, making them ideal for heavy-duty projects. Embroidery machines help you add details to fabric, allowing you to produce textiles with logos or original designs.

Diverse Creations
Sewing supplies designed for a specific purpose make projects come to life with rich details and texture. Quilting guides let you sew in crisp, parallel rows for unique patterns without the extra effort, while specially crafted sewing scissors designed for use on fabrics of a certain density and weight help you get the perfect cut of material each time. Patterns and templates also make it easy to create specific shapes and fabric cuts for clothing design, quilting, alterations and a variety of other sewing projects.