Safety Supplies

For any business need, Staples has the supplies required to keep your establishment prepared for emergencies and keep your customers safe. Choose from convenient purchase options such as free online returns, to save time and money. Prevent accidents with safety signs and be prepared with first aid kits.

Medical Safety

Working in medical facilities whether it be a hospital or research lab, has its own risks for employees. Equip your workplace with safety supplies from Staples so your employees are prepared in case of an emergency. For the lab, purchase an eye wash station and emergency shower so your employees have easy access in case of an emergency. Use Staples’ convenient price-match guarantee so that you can get a great deal.

Restaurant Safety

Staples offers many products to equip your restaurant with safety items to spare. Purchase safety signs, commercial infant change tables, child seats, first aid kits, fire safety and more. Depending on your needs you can also purchase ice melters and salt bins to protect your customers when the road conditions aren’t all too favorable. With Staples’ order online pick up in-store option you can restock your business quickly to save time.

Recreation Equipment

For any business that conducts its operations outside such as camping grounds, Staples has it all. Purchase fall arrest and protection for rock climbing to prevent nasty falls. Stock your business with emergency and survival kits just in case as well as first aid kits and reflectors to light paths at night. Take advantage of Staples’ free shipping on orders over $45 before tax and save on bulk purchases.