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Real Estate Forms

Manage some legal aspects of property ownership on your own with real estate forms. These easy-to-use forms help you handle landlord responsibilities without spending lots of time or money on the task. With Staples' buy online, pickup in store option, you can order the forms you need from the comfort of your home or office with one quick stop at the store.

DIY Option

Hiring an attorney to draft real estate forms is easy, but it also comes with a hefty price tag, which eats into your rental income profits. Real estate forms are ready to go, so you can easily access the specific forms you need without keeping a lawyer on retainer. Taking advantage of Staples— Price Match Guarantee saves you even more money. You also save time by filling in information on a standard form instead of creating your own contracts and documents from scratch.

Variety of Forms

Landlords encounter many situations that require more than one legal document. With real estate forms, you get a variety of documents to help run your rental business. A beginning landlord might primarily need a standard rental contract. You might also need things like pet agreements or a notice to terminate tenancy. Some kits include paper forms and CD-ROMs for versatility. If you change your mind, you can return your kit without a trip to the store, thanks to Staples— free online returns feature.

Legal Compliance

Staying in legal compliance is crucial, and real estate forms help you do that. Many kits include different documents for different provinces and territories to comply with local regulations. The forms are legally sound, so you can use them with confidence. With Staples— free shipping option for orders over $45 before tax, you can get the forms you need without extra shipping costs.

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Self Counsel Press Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale
Item : 675944 / Model : 9781551807881
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  • If you own a house, an apartment, or a condo -either for your own use or as investment property - you can use this kit to sell residential real estate.
  • Valid in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario only.
  • Forms on CD
16.91 $16.91
Self Counsel Press Ontario Real Estate Purchase and Sale Forms
Item : 610146 / Model : 9781551806235
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  • This kit contains all the forms you need to sell or buy a home or apartment in Ontario.
  • The easy-to-use forms ensure that no details are forgotten and you have a legally binding agreement for the transaction.
  • Step by step instructions.
16.94 $16.94
Self-Counsel Press Canadian Landlord's Rental Kit
Item : 675945 / Model : 9781551807683
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  • This updated and expanded landlord’s kit includes 22 new forms, making this the complete landlord’s kit. There are 12 unique rental contracts to suit the laws of each province and territory (except Quebec).
  • Use this handy kit on a CD-ROM to document the rental of a residential property. New forms include credit information forms, pet rules, demand for rent in arrears, notice to terminate tenancy, and many more.
  • CD-ROM format
10.97 $10.97
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Self Counsel Press Ontario Landlord's Rental Forms
Item : 680979 / Model : 9781551807935
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  • Renting out a house, an apartment, or even a suite in your home can be a great source of income. It can also be tough to track details and it can become a lot of work. This kit makes the whole process easier for you and the prospective tenant.
  • Ready to use forms
  • Step by step instructions.
16.66 $16.66
Publications Du Quebec Bail Logement Fr Quebec, French Only (422694)
Item : 1564552 / Model : 422694
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  • New mandatory lease agreement from the Régie du logement available since February 24, 2015
  • French Régie Du Logement Mandatory Form
  • 2 copies
1.99 $1.99
Self Counsel Press Landlording In Canada Complete Kit
Item : 741248 / Model : 9781551808154
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  • Being a landlord is not simple. There are regulations to understand, and how do you identify good tenants?
  • Walks the beginner landlord through the process of selecting a tenant and renting a space
  • Provides insight into what makes a good tenant, and how to attract and keep one
24.74 $24.74
Publications Du Quebec Bail Logement Ang Quebec (422695)
Item : 1564553 / Model : 422695
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  • The new mandatory lease form of the Régie du logement will be available as of February 24, 2015
  • English Régie Du Logement Mandatory Form
  • 2 copies
1.99 $1.99