Power Tools

Get home improvement work or construction done with confidence using power tools. Power drills insert or remove screws with ease, allowing you to easily install new fixtures or shelving. Cordless drills give flexibility when working away from a power source, while corded drills give you reliability for time-consuming tasks. Grinders come with multiple tools to perform tasks fast in a high-energy workshop. Sanders save time and effort by powering through tough jobs. Choose from well-known brands such as Black and Decker, King Canada and ATD.

Cordless or corded, power drills efficiently drill holes and insert screws in less than half the time it takes with a manual screwdriver. Most drills also let you remove screws with a convenient reverse function. Fixtures and shelves go up quickly with the help of these power tools. Sanders and grinders save both time and effort with powerful motors that ease through tough materials.

Powerful and Versatile
Use power drills for a variety of work by switching attachments. Mixing tools allow you mix paint, while sanding attachments smooth rough edges. Grinders are power tools with strong motors that cut through tough materials, such as metal, and tough shells that keep vibration to a minimum while you work. Sanders feature a variety of pads for any type of material, while their powerful action cuts sanding time drastically.

Easy Operation
Power tools such as drills, sanders and grinders offer simple operation to make your jobs even quicker. Quick-release tool locks enable you to switch grinding jobs easily, while a wide variety of drill-bit sizes gives you incredible flexibility in numerous tasks. All-in-one sander kits offer everything you need, including heads and attachments for any kind of job.