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Pop-Up Note Dispensers

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You use sticky notes for all sorts of reminders and messages. Keep them in easy reach with light-hearted and attractive pop-up note dispensers. These dispensers keep your notepads clean, safe and accessible while adding an element of fun to your office.

Whimsical Design
You don't have to settle for a bland pop-up note dispenser. Choose a design that showcases your personality and unique style. Choose brocade to show your love for antique beauty, or select a smooth pebble design to demonstrate your fascination with sleek, modern design. A whimsical neon design proclaims your love for technology, while a fun purse hints at weekends away from your office.

Convenient Storage
Don't lose your sticky notes in cluttered drawers or under piles of paper. A pop-up note dispenser keeps your notes at the your fingertips and in plain sight. This means you always know where your sticky notes are and how many you have left. An attractive dispenser helps reduce clutter and improve the flow of your work area.

Reduce Waste
A good pop-up note dispenser ensures you only grab a single note at a time. This lets you use the notes you plan to use, without wrinkling, waste or loss of backing. Use fewer notes to reduce your expenditures on office supplies and to create a more efficient workspace.

Get Organized
Many organizational systems use sticky notes to provide visual cues and to organize tasks and goals. With a pop-up note dispenser, you have the tools you need to manage your time and space wisely. Clever designs in bright colours transform organization a fun and fulfilling routine. Use your pop-up note dispenser to get a handle on your work space, your schedule and your life.
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3M™ Post-it 3 x 3 Colour Super Sticky Pop-Up Notes Dispenser
Item: SS4017199
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  • Note dispenser features a clear acrylic outer shell to display the colour of notes
  • A weighted base keeps the dispenser in place on your desk
  • Dispenser comes with a 45-sheet pad of 3" x 3" (7.62cm x 7.62cm) Super Sticky Pop-up Notes
As low as 9.86 $9.86
Multiple options available
Post-it® Pebble Pop-up Notes Dispenser, 3'' x 3''
Item: 933527 / Model : PBL330BKC
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  • Easy, one-handed dispensing keep Post-It notes always within reach
  • This weighted holder makes notes easy to find and is designed so you can write comfortably while dispensing one at a time
  • Designed by Karim Rashid, internationally renowned designer
9.97 $9.97
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