Party Supplies & Decorations

The perfect celebration begins with party supplies and decorations that convey the theme of the event. General party decorations such as balloons, banners, confetti and invitations bring a festive touch to any gathering. Themed decorations and novelties take any party to a whole new level.

Birthday Party
From children's parties to over the hill celebrations, party supplies and decorations liven up any birthday party. Colourful balloons, banners and tableware create a festive space, while noise makers and funny hats create a playful and fun atmosphere. Treat bags allow guests to take home a little reminder of the gathering.

Party invitations announce the event and serve as a reminder of the date. Choose the right invitation from this selection of party supplies and decorations to convey the intent of the gathering and highlight any planned theme. By including an RSVP card in the invitation, the host knows how many guests to expect when planning for food and beverages.

Guest Books
Find guest books in this selection of party supplies and decorations that provide a way for event hosts to remember who attended and what gifts they brought. Use this information when planning your next soiree, especially if the guests are friends of the guest of honour and not necessarily the host. Guest books make great ways to remind guests of honour of the special event.

Themed Party Decorations
Celebrate many types of events from holiday gatherings to retirement dinners with a themed party, and creatively use party supplies and decorations to ensure a memorable affair. Coordinate decorations with invitations, food, drink, costumes and even music to exude a specific mood or atmosphere. Make use of simple holiday themes, or celebrate more specific events such as a Super Bowl party or Hawaiian luau.