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Movies & TV Shows

Owning your favourite movies and TV shows means you enjoy the convenience of watching what you want when you want. A wide selection from major studios, such as Warner Bros Ent. Canada and Universal Studios Canada, ensures you can easily find your favourites. Multiple formats allow you to watch using your existing devices.

Multiple Formats
Watch the shows everyone's talking about from beginning to end on your Blu-ray player at home. Thousands of movies and TV shows are available on Blu-ray, DVD or a combination of both, so you can use your existing players to watch them. Pack up the family for your summer trip, and take along everyone's favourite films to watch on your portable DVD player.

Entertain your kids and their friends with the movies and TV shows they love, or let kids at your child-centred business choose from a family-friendly selection. Multiple genres cater to this demographic, so choose from animated films, family movies, documentaries and classic movies. Find educational series kids can watch while you do household chores, and choose movies you can all watch together on family movie night.

Wide Selection
Genres of movies and TV shows range from family-friendly and anime to horror. Invite older family members to watch westerns and classics with younger members for a fun bonding experience. Girls night out makes the perfect time to watch foreign films you've longed to see, musicals that might bore the kids or dramas and romantic comedies. Films from studios both large and small are available, so you can find movies from blockbusters to obscure classics.