Mailing, Shipping & Packaging Supplies

Make your mail room hum with efficiency with boxes, mailers and envelopes of all sizes, while postal meters and scales make sure you never overspend on postage. Use bubble wrap, shrink wrap and packing tapes of all sorts to protect and secure items during shipment.

Pack Items Securely

Pack larger items in cardboard boxes or corrugated mailers, which are both available in all sizes to help make shipping efficient. Padded envelopes are available for smaller items that need a little extra protection, and mailing tubes provide an ideal way to ship or store posters, maps and other large documents. Take advantage of Staples' free shipping when your order of mailing, shipping and packaging supplies adds up to $45 or more before tax.

Protect Goods During Shipping

Encase fragile goods in bubble wrap for 360 degrees of protection, and use strapping kits and tie-downs to keep boxes together during transport. Packing tape lets you make sure boxes are stable and secure, with tape dispensers available to help speed up the job. To save time in your ordering process, buy the mailing, shipping and packaging supplies you need online, then pick them up at your nearest Staples store, with free online returns available if you're not happy once you see your purchase.

Label and Weigh Accurately

Mailing labels of all sizes and shipping tags make it easy to get your packages where they need to go, and "Fragile" labels warn everyone along the way to be careful. Use postal meters and scales of all sizes to determine just how much postage is needed for each package, and pick up some stamps as well, so you never have to waste time with a last-minute rush to the post office. You can count on saving money on all your mailing, shipping and packaging supplies orders thanks to Staples' price match guarantee.