Laptop Accessories

Examine some of the most important laptop accessories you need to maintain your productivity on the go. A handy carrying case provides padding when you travel, and a lock prevents someone from running off with your vital tool. You never know when you may need another battery or charger, so consider buying an extra to have one just in case.

Safety and Security When Traveling

Protect your investment with a laptop bag or sleeve when you need to work away from the office. Bags come in durable cases that contain padding to prevent nicks, dings and damage as you transport your valuable equipment. Slip on a laptop sleeve when you need basic coverage going to and from your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot or coffee shop. If you see your favorite bag for less money with another retailer, check out Staples' price match guarantee to get the lowest price possible.

Backup Power When You Need It

Laptop batteries wear out eventually, and you should have a backup in case your current laptop approaches two years of usage. A spare battery might be your most vital laptop accessory you can have in case your older one suddenly can't maintain a charge any more. Consider the importance of an accessory that extends the life of your laptop. Save a few dollars on laptop batteries from Staples thanks to free shipping on orders over $45.

Chargers for a Quick Power Boost

Keep a laptop charger handy for when you need a quick power boost. When you work on that project in-flight without a plug on the plane, you might need a fast way to charge the battery at the hotel so you can finish ahead of your big presentation in the morning. Different brands of laptops need various chargers and power cords, so if you purchase the wrong adapter return it with Staples' hassle-free online return policy.

Locks for Added Security

Attach a laptop lock near your power cord input to prevent an opportunistic thief from running away with your expensive productivity tool. When you don't see a style you like in your local store, take advantage of free pickup in a store when you order a laptop lock from Staples' online stock.