Kids Furniture

Fill your classrooms with furniture from renowned brands such as Bravo, Monarch and Tot Tutors to easily keep the children happy and excited to play and learn while surrounded by beautiful colours. Store, organize and locate teachers’ and children’s resources easily with colourful storage furniture that takes up minimal space in the classroom.

Acquire colourful chairs, tables, and toy organizers made from natural wood, which is structurally very strong and long-lasting. A high-density polyethylene table with a steel frame has high tensile and impact strength, making it harder to break even when carrying heavy weights. Buy children’s chairs fitted with wall-safe rear legs to prevent damage to both your wall and the chair, increasing their life spans.

Get storage drawer chests fitted with plastic drawer slides with dampers and safety latches to reduce the chances of injury to the kids. An ADA-compliant baby change station fitted with safety straps and a high load capacity to securely hold any baby increases the children’s safety during their nappy changes. Seats that are suitably low for the children reduce the chances of injury if a child accidentally falls off one.

Strengthen the children’s bonds as they play fun games on a colourful play station with an integrated storage area for toy blocks, so you can easily place and retrieve them at will. Acquire stable chairs fitted with anti-burst exercise balls that are tremendously fun for the children to sit on while improving their concentration and helping them develop better balance and posture.

Fostering Team Work
Get a toy organizer with beautiful pastel bins and engage the children in a collaborative effort to organize the toys after playing with them. A strong sturdy activity table brings the children together as they carry out intensive class-related activities around it.