Choose from musical instrument starter kits and fun karaoke machines to let your kids learn new skills and enjoy their hobbies. Digital musical equipment helps take everything a step further by making use of the musical capabilities of smartphones and tablets. Those who love sewing can find all the equipment and accessories they need to enjoy creating beautiful garments.

Musical Fun for Kids
Help your kids get started on their musical educations with starter kits for either piano or guitar. The guitar starter pack provides an animated fingerboard to help kids learn chords, and the piano kit provides instant feedback as kids practice. Enjoy more musical hobbies when you bring the fun of a karaoke system into your home. Programmable tracks, Bluetooth capability and wireless microphones combine to make karaoke a treat for the whole family.

Digital Accessories for Your Music Hobby
Turn your cellphone or tablet into a MIDI controller with plug-and-play controller keyboards that give you three full octaves and plenty of modulation options. Your cellphone adds to your musical hobbies when it also becomes a preamp for specially designed microphones, or put an entire DJ rig in your pocket to take your tunes on the road.

Practical Sewing Necessities
If your hobbies are of a more tactile nature, indulge them with a wide choice of sewing machines and accessories. Starter sewing machines get the kids in your household creating their own fashions, or choose embroidery machines or sergers for more complicated work. Steamers, dress forms, cutting and quilting tools, and threads in all sorts of vibrant colours round out all the supplies you need to create beautiful clothing and crafts.