Headphones & Headsets

Headsets- Comfortable and Practical

Slide one of our lightweight headsets over your ears and enjoy crisp audio in the comfort of your cubicle. Chat with customers on a built-in microphone immediately after connecting a simple plug-and-play model to your PC. Find your perfect fit with a pair of slim-profile, adjustable headphones from brands like Logitech, Koss, and Jabra.

Work Easier
Drown out chatty coworkers, rumbling lawnmowers, or zooming vehicles with a noise cancelling headphones. Stream a soothing compilation of melodies as you draft an important proposal, or compare business ideas with colleagues at other offices without distracting background noise.

Easy to Use
Give new employees a pair of headphones without devoting a significant amount of time to training first. Headsets comfortably fit most workers without snagging hair, pressing down too tightly on earlobes, or leaving red marks on the forehead.

Clear Audio
Chat freely without the need to adjust an antenna. Headphones deliver sharp, easy-to-hear audio, even when you're wearing them in a crowded area. Use your headset with a webcam to discuss goods and services via video chat with faraway clients.