Hard Drives & Data Storage

Hard Drives & Data Storage: Built-in, Portable Devices
Losing valuable data costs you time and money, so secure your electronic information with hard drives and data storage solutions tailored to your needs. Portable storage options let you take information with you when you work on the road, and built-in drives provide plenty of storage for large files. Choose from a wide selection of media readers and storage devices to find the options that work best for your office, big or small.

Secure Valuable Information
A single lightning strike or malicious computer virus can destroy months of work. Having adequate hard drives and data storage at your fingertips lets you back up your data on a daily or weekly basis so that you're never at a loss if a disaster occurs. Securing your data keeps your office running smoothly and lets your clients know that you value their information enough to keep it safe.

Share with Clients and Team Members
Emailing large files can be cumbersome, but portable hard drives and data storage let you conveniently transfer big projects to clients and team members. USB hubs expand the number of devices you and your team members can use, providing additional productivity from existing technology.

Desktop or Portable Options
With hard drives and data storage available in many different capacities, there's an option for all your office needs. Select large-capacity drives for frequent backups, or choose external drives if you want to store data at an off-site location for security purposes. Keep several small-capacity portable storage devices on hand so you can take work home or meet a client for coffee while you review documents together.