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G20 Synchro-Tilter, Terrace
Item : SS6238824
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  • Lumbar support adjustment allows you to raise or lower the lumbar support on each side independently, uniquely positioning support where you need it most
  • The synchro tilt mechanism links the seat and the back so that they tilt simultaneously, at a 2:1 ratio, allowing the user's feet to stay on the floor as they lean back
  • Tilt tension is easily controlled by rotating the seat side handwheel clockwise to increase tension or counter-clockwise to decrease tension to match personal preference
As low as 821.99 $821.99
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Malaga High Back Multi Tilter, Terrace
Item : SS6238785
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  • The multi tilter mechanism provides personalized adjustment options with infinitely adjustable back and seat angle, changing the angle of your thighs and torso to relax back muscles and reduce disc pressure during forward leaning tasks
  • A slide seat depth adjustment changes the depth of the seat to accommodate the length of your thighs, avoiding pressure behind your knees
  • Adjust the seat angle forward or rearward, changing the angle of your thighs, reducing disc pressure during forward leaning tasks
As low as 554.99 $554.99
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Supra High Back Tilter, Terrace
Item : SS6238783
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  • Tilt lock control allows the user to lock the chair in a comfortable and supportive position
  • Centre tilt mechanism tilts from a pivot point under the centre of the seat, allowing you to rock while keeping your feet on the floor to enhance blood flow
  • Increase or decrease the tilt tension for comfortable rocking, free of heavy pushing and muscle fatigue
As low as 294.99 $294.99
Multiple options available