Flatware & Cutlery

Organize your kitchen with a variety of flatware and cutlery tools that make prepping and cooking easier so that you can focus on creating delectable dishes. Having enough utensils on hand keeps service running efficiently, so you can turn tables quickly and increase your daily sales.

Make Prep Work Easy and Sanitary
Prepare for the dinner rush easily and quickly with cutting boards in a variety of sizes that are just right for chopping small vegetables or slicing large loaves of bread. Having extra boards available lets you devote some to raw meat and others to fruits and vegetables, avoiding the dangers of cross-contamination. Dishwasher-safe boards, flatware and cutlery provide fast and thorough cleanup, while slate and wooden boards are attractive enough for serving. Select ergonomic utensils to keep your hands and wrists comfortable through hours of repetitive tasks.

Protect Countertops, Tools and Employees
Your knives easily slice through all types of food when you use cutting boards that prevent dulling, protecting your flatware and cutlery for long-lasting use. These durable boards protect your countertops from damage and food-borne bacteria. Store your knives in sturdy blocks that safeguard the sharp blades and keep your station neat and organized as you work, which helps to prevent accidents in your busy kitchen.

Replace Lost Pieces
Your most-used flatware and cutlery tends to get lost or damaged over time, leaving your supplies low on single items like forks or spoons. Choose bulk packages of single pieces to make sure you always have enough flatware to keep up with your busiest meals.