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Easy Button & Gavels

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Use the distinctive Easy Button from Staples to add charm to your home, classroom, office or workshop. Because of its rugged construction, the accessory will last for years in busy environments. Additionally, it is lightweight to ensure that it's easy to move around or place on a wide variety of surfaces, such as countertops or next to the computer on your desk.

The Easy Button has an easy-to-press red top engraved with large white letters, This provides a pleasing background that contrasts well with its shiny base and makes it simple to read, even from far away. The Easy Button's distinctive and attractive look easily draws the eye of anyone who visits your office, home, classroom or workshop, providing a great conversation piece.

Easy to Use
The Easy Button is intuitively designed, making it easy to use. There isn't any set-up time needed or assembly required. Simply unpack the item and its ready to be placed wherever you'd like it. It's functionality is further enhanced by the nonslip base, ensuring that it won't easily slide around on you.

Variety of Uses
Use your imagination and creativity to come up with all sorts of ideas and games for using the Staples Easy Button, whether you're simply decorating your workspace or using it as a fun way to interact with students when they get a question correct during class. Whatever you decide to do with it, there's certainly endless fun to be had.

Doing Good
This is a statement piece that truly makes a difference. When you purchase the Staples Easy Button, you're also helping out individuals with intellectual disabilities. The company proudly donates a portion of its sales from the product to Special Olympics.

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Staples® Easy Button
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