Get a drone that meets your high standards, whether for work or for weekend fun. Features on professional drones include stabilization for sharper images and advanced flight systems for ease of use. Recreational drones let you try whatever acrobatics you can imagine. You can also shop for your drone accessories here.

High-Quality Imaging

Capture high-quality video and photos with a professional camera-equipped drone with intelligent flight and stabilizing features. Extensive visual ranges enable commercial applications from aerial photography to property surveillance. Control your drone directly from your smartphone using mobile applications. If you need to exchange your drone for another, take advantage of online returns.

Aerial Acrobatics

Recreational drones come in different styles for hours of aerial fun. Make your drone do flips, spins and other aerial stunts including inverted flying. Some products come with Wi-Fi cameras for stunt filming. Select from modules with LED lights, multispeed options, piloting mobile apps and other features. If you want your drone quickly or can't be home to accept delivery, buy it online, and pick it up at your nearest store or any Staples outlet of your choice.

Experience-Enhancing Accessories

Need add-ons for your drone? Choose from a collection of experience-enhancing accessories including remote controllers with dedicated buttons and other special functions. Add a handheld gimbal system with built-in balancing for a camera or smartphone. Be sure to check Staples' price match guarantee to get the best price possible on your drone and all your accessories.

Variety of Designs

Get the design you're looking for, whether it's a quadcopter, helicopter, rolling mini drone or hexacopter. Combo packs are available with some products. They may not fly directly off the shelves, but they do come with free shipping on any order over $45 before tax.