Desktop Computers

Make sure your employees can get information quickly and use any programs they need by outfitting your office with the right desktop computers. If you need to get computers right away, Staples offers in-store pickup for online orders, so you can place your order and pick it up on the same day.

Basic to Advanced Features

Choose from an extensive selection of desktop computers to find the best fit for your office without buying a more powerful computer than you need. Whether your employees just need to browse the web and check emails, or they frequently use programs that require large amounts of memory, you can find a computer with the necessary specs. If you decide you have to upgrade or downgrade, Staples allows online returns, making it easy to send back your order.

Go Refurbished to Save Money

Get a powerful computer at a discount when you purchase a refurbished desktop computer. Each refurbished computer has the same specs and settings as a new model. They go through tests and come with a warranty, giving you peace of mind. Save even more money through Staples' price match guarantee, which ensures that you get the best price possible.

Choose From a Wide Range of Brands

Make sure your employees are comfortable using their computers so they're able to work more efficiently. Whether you like computers made by one of the many brands that use Windows, such as HP, Dell and Sony, or you prefer Apple's Mac computers, you have plenty of options available. No matter what you choose, expect to save some extra money through Staples' free shipping, which kicks in for any orders that are over $45 before tax.