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Desiccants are powerful moisture-prevention tools that can help keep your hardware safe from ambient moisture. Prevent rust and mold by keeping the powerful materials handy in your storage or working areas. Desiccants work equally well for protecting sensitive electronics as for preserving iron farming or garden implements.

Effective Absorption
Desiccants absorb moisture from the surrounding environment using a powerful capillary method. This method prevents the desiccants from changing physically during use, allowing them to remain at peak efficiency for quite some time. The effective absorption qualities of desiccants make the materials useful in a wide array of different settings.

Durable Containers
Modern desiccants come in specialized bags or canisters that do not moisten or break down as the desiccants draw in moisture. This helps ensure that the bags will not burst or spill during regular operation. The durable containers allow a single bag of desiccants to last for a lengthy period.

Preserve Metals
Desiccants draw in moisture but do not become physically wet as a part of the process. This allows them to quickly dehumidify environments and preserve metals and other stored goods. Desiccants can also help preserve salted meats and other organic material left to age in a properly ventilated environment by drawing humidity from the air.

Natural Materials
Many desiccants are made of all-natural materials that are eco-friendly and safe for exposure to the environment at large. Natural clay is commonly used in many desiccant blends for its ability to absorb and hold moisture without allowing water to pool or escape during regular use. The use of all-natural materials is important for many eco-minded businesses and operations that must comply with specific regulatory guidelines involving the use of safe materials.

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Desiccants, Tyvek Bag Natural Clay
Item: SS2267435
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  • Container does not become saturated, soften or liquefy during use
  • Metal parts touching the bag will not corrode
  • Ideal for applications where dust must be kept to a minimum
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