Dash Cameras & Accessories

Keep an eye on what's going on inside and outside your fleet's vehicles with dash camera accessories to power and support your dashboard cams. Versatile mounting choices give you flexibility when placing your dash cam.

Power your dashboard cameras and place them exactly where you need them with a wide array of dash camera accessories. Smart cables make you aware of what's happening around your vehicle, and power adapters ensure you can keep your cameras running. Finding the right dash cam accessories can be tricky, so eliminate the hassle of in store returns when you use Staples' free online returns feature.

Cables for Easy and Smart Connection

Connect the dash cams in your department or company's fleet of cars with smart cables that keep track of GPS data and activate alerts to let you know when motion is detected around the vehicle. Built-in voltage meters track energy levels, and red light alerts keep you aware of any speed-tracking cameras in your vicinity. When you're ready to have your dash camera accessories delivered, eliminate shipping costs with Staples' free shipping option for orders over $45 before tax.

Mounts to Hold Your Cameras

Mount your dash cam on your dashboard if you prefer, or choose mounts that let you place it on your windshield or rear view mirror. Adhesive and suction cup windshield mounts are ideal when you need to share one dash cam between multiple vehicles, and rear view mirror mounts attach easily with thumb screws, so you don't need any tools. When you need to stock up on dash camera accessories and you're short on time, use Staples' buy online, pick up in store option.

Power Adapters to Keep Everything Running

Power your dash camera with power adapters that let you plug in to your car's cigarette lighter or 12V outlet. Long cables can wrap around the edge of your windshield to maximize visibility, and it's easy to shift the adapters from one car to another in your department fleet when needed. Make it easy to save money on dash camera accessories, thanks to Staples' price match guarantee that lets you know you're finding the best price.