Prepare delicious meals by any means you choose with durable cookware made for grilling, braising and saut?ing your favourite cuisine. The carefully crafted surfaces help you cook foods to the right consistency while reducing damage and wear.

Satisfy Everyday Cooking Needs
Build the foundations of a long-lasting cookware collection with staple kitchen accessories, ranging from fry pans and woks to saucepans and soup pots. Add versatility to your kitchen with specialty pieces, such as egg pans and grill pans. Pots and pans are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, so you can easily replace individual pieces, accommodate your family size or purchase new lids.

Explore Multiple Uses
Invest in multifunctional cookware that lets you conveniently transfer dishes between the oven and stovetop, or even the microwave. Transition from dinner to dessert with casserole and baking dishes designed to serve up a savoury feast or deliciously moist brownies. Invest in durable Dutch ovens and braising pans to achieve the perfect combination of moisture and flavour in meats and stews.

Grill on the Go
Whether you prefer charcoal, gas or infrared heating, give your grilled foods their signature char and smoky flavour in any season with portable grills and accessories. Tabletop models are compact and portable, making them ideal cookware for travel, off-season grilling or homes with limited outdoor space.

Prevent Damage
Choose damage-resistant cookware that stands up to daily exposure to heat, water and cooking utensils. Non-stick coating makes it easy to quickly prepare low-fat meals with minimal oil, preventing harmful residue from sticking to the surface. Buy heavy-duty steel or porcelain pans that offer years of reliable cooking performance.