Coffee & Coffee Supplies

Invest in coffee and coffee supplies to give a boost to the workplace break room. Choose from brands such as Lavazza and Tassimo for a great cup every time. A wide selection of coffee, coffee makers, carafes and kettles, stir sticks, filters, and sugar and cream provide you with plenty of choices to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Flavourful Blends
Explore a variety of flavours from trusted brands, such as Lavazza or Maxwell House. From lighter breakfast blends to medium and dark roasts, this selection of coffee and coffee supplies offers something for every taste, including flavoured varieties in whole bean, bagged ground and K-cup options. Fuel the office with caffeine or unwind with a relaxing decaf, and choose from a selection of sugars, creams and sweeteners for extra flavour.

Efficient and Versatile
From coffee makers, kettles and carafes to kitchen gadgets, this selection of coffee and coffee supplies gives your break room the professional treatment with efficient and versatile equipment. Many modern coffee makers brew simply with the press of a button, and options include integrated timers that automatically know when the coffee has finished brewing and start-up timers your can set for a specific wakeup time for the machine activate.

Professional Quality
With coffee and coffee supplies from brands such as Tassimo and Keurig, professional-quality coffee can be enjoyed at the office. Give the break room a coffee makeover with Keurig display carousels and other coffee organisers, or add disposable coffee stir sticks for ease of use and that professional touch. With high-quality kettles, carafes and kitchen gadgets, such as milk frothers, you can enjoy a professional cup of coffee whenever you need it.