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Tablet & Phone Chargers

Ensure you have on-demand power wherever you happen to be using tablet and phone chargers with a variety of connectivity types. USB options let you plug right into your desktop computer or laptop, and chargers that attach to your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket let you recharge your device while you're out and about. Wall chargers plug into standard electrical outlets for at-home charging.

Apple-Specific Chargers
Choose Apple-specific tablet and phone chargers for your iPad, iPod or iPhone. These chargers feature 30-pin and Lightning connectivity, so you don't have to use an adapter to repower your devices. Select chargers in a variety of styles and lengths to best suit the needs of your space and your device.

Charge Multiple Devices
Use charging docks when you need tablet and phone chargers designed to handle multiple devices simultaneously. Charging docks feature multiple USB ports, and some even offer USB 3.0 functionality when you need fast data transfers between your devices.

On-the-Go Recharging
Some tablet and phone chargers come in the form of in-car charging adapters that plug straight into the cigarette lighter receptacle of your vehicle to power your device as you drive. These charging adapters require no installation — simply slide the charger into the socket and then plug your device in via the USB port on the back. These adapters are designed to accommodate a variety of devices, from iPads to Android smartphones.

Portable Convenience
Use portable charging solutions such as charging banks for when you're in areas without other power sources. These types of tablet and phone chargers store power inside them so you can recharge your devices without the need for an external power source. Many of them let you charge your tablet or phone up to five times before they need a recharge themselves.
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Startech ST8CU824 8-Port Charging Station for USB Devices - 96W/19.2A
Item: 2906089 / Model : ST8CU824
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  • For USB Devices - 96W/19.2A
  • High-powered charging
  • One charger for all of your mobile devices
221.99 $221.99
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