Binders & Folders

Use binders and folders for a variety of organizational purposes in your office. Store training material inside durable D-ring binders to ensure new recruits have the knowledge they need to succeed, and keep their employee files inside classification folders with room for name tabs. A wide array of sizes and styles provides you with the tools you need to get a handle on your office's paperwork.

Simple to Store
Binders and folders stack easily on shelves in data storage areas. For frequently accessed materials, use binders that fit inside normal bookshelves, and use binder accessories such as labels to note what's inside each binder. For documents or paperwork that needs to be kept but not accessed frequently, select binding cases made of corrugated material that protects them during storage in warehouses and storerooms.

Organize by colour
Binder and folders colours range from basic black and white to vibrant purples, blues and reds. The variety of available colours helps you create a colour-coded organizational scheme you can share with the entire office. Ensure each member of your workforce has the colour key, and then store material relating to operational rules in burgundy binders and keep personnel files in vivid green ones. Using binders and folders as part of a cohesive organizational scheme can speed up productivity and aid efficiency.

Convenient Presentations
Select binders and folders designed to boost the effectiveness of meetings and presentations. Take along your notes in a sleek, stylish padfolio to make a great impression when you first enter them room. Create reading material to go along with your visual presentation, and provide it to coworkers inside presentation folders tailored to the needs of each team member. Deliver meeting notes to each attendee in an attractive report folder to follow up after the presentation.