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Bathroom & Laundry Furnishings

Select from top brands in bathroom and laundry furnishings, such as Foremost, Monarch, Honey-Can-Do, ASI and Bios while choosing the furnishings and decor for your washing rooms. Select from a variety of bathmats, towels, hampers and clothing racks to keep these important rooms stocked and organized.

Design Your Own Bathroom
Peruse the wide selection of faucets, vanities, bathtubs and bathroom accessories to outfit your bathroom however you please. Choose from single sinks, double sinks, hung wall-mounted vanities or floor vanities to customize the look and feel of your bathroom. A variety of sink and tub faucets and supply lines allows you to further customize your bathroom facilities to your preferences. Finish off the furnishings with bathroom organizers, towel rings and bars, shower organizers and shelves, shower rods, and bathroom mirrors.

Choose Your Decor
Once the bathroom is furnished, awaken your inner designer by choosing the towels, bath mats, counter-top organizers and other accessories for your bathroom. Select from cotton, rayon and other towel materials. Bathmats made with vinyl, memory foam, bamboo and other materials are available to help you create a comfortable bathroom with a clean look. Finish the bathroom with a laundry hamper in a bamboo, pop-up, mesh or other style and material to suit your needs.

Spruce Up the Laundry Room
Make sure you have everything you need to get your bathroom towels and other fabrics clean, dry and sorted with laundry room furnishings and accessories. Organize soiled clothing with stationary and portable hampers of all sizes, and save on energy after washing by drying clothes and linens on drying racks and clothes lines. Once clothes are clean and dry, remove wrinkles with home or industrial irons, ironing boards and steamers.

Bathroom and Laundry Furnishings for Industrial and Commercial Purposes
Along with bathroom and laundry furnishings that are perfect for home and industry, many items are available especially for industrial and commercial purposes. Emergency shower station mats, disposable towels and extra large hampers with sections for sorting items are just some of the commercial and industrial bathroom and laundry furnishings available.