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Music & Video Editing Software

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, Bilingual
Item: 480605 / Model : 251000CACS
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  • Turn your home videos into striking DVDs complete with animated menus and fully orchestrated music
  • Supports most analog camcorders, VCRs, and even DVD players
  • Digitize your analog LPs and cassettes, automatically adding title, artist and genre information to tracks
69.99 $69.99
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CrazyTalk5 Standard for Windows (1-User)
Item: SS4154826
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  • Language: English only
  • Your photo can say anything while animating through the emotion wizard and timeline enabling your virtual actor to puppet with personality.
  • Share CrazyTalk 5 movies as standard video, HD, or optimized web video using YouTube or Flash enabled export.
As low as 49.99 $49.99
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iClone3 Standard for Windows (1-User)
Item: SS4154780
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  • Language: English only
  • Build scenes with actor - interactive props, elaborate architecture and natural environmental elements including sky, terrain, water and atmosphere.
  • Film iClone animation in real - time with advanced live actor puppeteering and vehicle piloting powered by keyboard hotkeys (W,S,A,D) and game - like mouse look control.
As low as 79.99 $79.99
Multiple options available