Why It’s Worth Leaving Tech Services to The Pros

As a small business owner, you’ve already got enough on your plate. What’s more, the pandemic has probably redefined your job: on top of your usual responsibilities, you might also now be a teacher (homeschooling), procurement lead (ordering both work and home life supplies online) and an IT team of one. Thankfully, Staples Solutionshop offers Tech Services to help carry your IT load while you work from anywhere.

“We offer unlimited tech support to customers wherever they need it,” says Eric Mehmet, Senior Manager of Tech Services Field Operations at Solutionshop. “Our call centre and centralized team of technicians have grown dramatically to continue supporting customers and help them navigate this new way of life.”

With our reliance on technology only increasing — especially when it comes to running a business — here’s why you should leave tech support to the pros.

Staples Solutionshop Tech Services saves you time

While simple internet searches can help with quick tech fixes, bigger issues, like how to set up a network, or dealing with a security breach, can be a large time-suck for small business owners (not to mention baffling to the average person). Staples Solutionshop Tech Services offers support for tech issues ranging from computer maintenance to data protection recovery. Individuals can sign up for the Tech Support Subscription, which allows unlimited access to their team of experts from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (phone and chat) across all Canadian time zones. With your own techie on-demand, it leaves more time for, well, everything else required to keep your business running.

For businesses in need of more comprehensive IT assistance, there is a monthly subscription to Solutionshop’s Managed IT service (which covers networks, devices, physical and virtual servers and ongoing maintenance) and the RingCentral communications program, which provides a central and secure hub for all communications (file sharing, task management, video and phone meetings).

You can also sign up for extended warranty services (excluded from the subscriber membership) for tech products, hardware repair for most computers, tech installation (computers, printers, routers), and even in-store services like device setup, software installation and virus removal.

It can also save you money

Mehmet says that prior to the pandemic, it was common for customers to only opt for tech services when their products gave out from hardware failure or software-related issues, like viruses or malware. Now, with the number of people working from home, customers are seeking services for smaller issues, too. “They’re starting to see the value of preventative maintenance such as monthly check-ups — kind of like bringing your car to a mechanic for an oil change instead of waiting for the engine to suffer from catastrophic failure,” says Mehmet.

Tech Services can help protect your data

Solutionshop Tech Services isn’t just for calling to ask why your computer won’t turn on. They can handle all the scary stuff like a data breach and hardware-related repairs. “There are certain risks associated with this type of work such as part compatibility issues, risk of data loss, even voiding manufacturer warranties,” warns Mehmet.

If you think your device or accounts have been accessed by a third party, this situation extends beyond protecting physical devices and becomes more about your identity and security. And, if a product is experiencing performance issues, it’s worth it for a pro to take a look. “DIYers can explore online solutions but this could expose them to further problems caused by malware, incorrect solutions being implemented and wasted time,” he says.

It’s worth choosing experience over experimenting

If a tech situation comes up, you could fix it yourself, but should you? Experts at Solutionshop Tech Services undergo stringent, proprietary training and testing through various manufacturers and brands like Apple, Samsung and Asus. Plus, they are fully certified — essential for not voiding product warranties. The team is rounded out by technicians who are versed in smaller repairs and don’t require proprietary training. “Staples provides continuous training and development for all Solutionshop associates,” says Mehmet. “It’s important to maintain a shared knowledge base to leverage the combined expertise of our team, keep up to date and continuously improve for our customers.”

By Staples Canada

August 16, 2021