Where are they now? Superpower your School winner spotlight

Stelly's Secondary School: giving back to planet earth, one recyclable item at a time

After being one of the top 10 schools to win the Staples Superpower your School contest, Stelly's Secondary School continues to live up to its distinction as One of the Top 10 Best High Schools in Canada according to Maclean's Magazine. Infusing technology into the daily school curriculum is Stelly's biggest priority, achievement, and ongoing goal.

Students and teachers actively learn and live to reduce their ecological footprint through school curriculum, internal programs, and involving community members and families. Woodwork students use reclaimed wood for projects along with repairing school furniture to extend its life. Students also collaborate with local manufacturing businesses to use small discarded pieces of glass and metal for school projects. The auto shop uses recycled objects from cars, engines and furniture to repair Go Karts and even musical instruments. Used books are distributed to preschoolers to encourage and support reading at home.

Stelly's Secondary School used the winnings from the Superpower your School contest to continue becoming a paperless school. Through the infusion of technology into the classroom and the implementation of Google Classroom and Google tools, they have been able to achieve important reductions in the amount of printing they do. Using Chromebooks, HP tablets, and drawing tables from Staples Canada, students can send assignments through applications and teachers can grade online – with the click of a button.

Stelly's Secondary School continues to involve the community through a yearly gala where recycled items, student art and community donations are raffled off, and proceeds are used to help build schools and wells around the world. To date, they have raised more than half a million dollars.

Students and faculty have done a phenomenal job at recycling items, lowering their ecological footprint, and setting a strong, positive precedent for future students. Staples and Earth Day Canada are proud to help support Stelly's Secondary School in its environmental endeavours and hope to see more exciting, environmental work for years to come!

By Michelle Janzso

April 02, 2018

Staples Canada