Tune Up Your PC and Save with EasyTech

When was the last time you had your PC’s oil changed? No, seriously, when?


I don’t mean oil, literally, though you could go that route with a liquid-cooled PC. I’m talking about the diagnostics, maintenance, and tune-ups that you’re probably not doing–and that your PC or laptop desperately needs.


There’s a lot that can go on with your computer, both hardware and software-wise, and if you’re getting ahead of issues with health checks and preventative maintenance, it can mean a better computing experience and a longer life for your electronics. It’s something you need to pay attention to, and now’s the perfect time, as Staples is making it easier than ever by offering a FREE PC diagnostic for Windows Desktop PCs or Laptops. That’s a $59 value, and will give you some insight to how your computer is doing. All YOU need to do is head into your local Staples store with your computer, head to the EasyTech desk, and drop it off for a quick, efficient, and effective diagnostic overview.


The diagnostic is a great place to start, because it evaluates both hardware and software, running full tests on your operating system, and individual tests on your hardware systems. They look for things like hard drives starting to slow down, processors and graphics cards/chips running hotter than they should, and overall issues in system power. If your system is running fine, you’ll get a clean bill of health. If it needs some work, you can opt for a Maintenance Care Tune-Up for $59 to help get it back in better condition.


Malware and viruses are the biggest killer of computer productivity, and the diagnostic service will identify them. A Care Plus package includes virus removal for just $129, or you can opt for complete care for $169 - that includes a full system wipe and operating system refresh AND includes Norton Anti-Virus.


This is a great way ensure that you don’t get taken by surprise by a failing hard drive or a rampant piece of malware. Staples can even back your important documents and photos up for you, using a drive you own or with a new drive off the shelf from the store.


So what’s the first step? Use the Store Locator to find a Staples location near you, and either book an appointment or head in with your computer to get started with your FREE diagnostic. This promotion is only on for a short period of time, so get moving, and save that $59 on your way to a healthier, happier PC.

By Mike Agerbo

November 21, 2017